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In a building we consume energy with two main ways . By means of heating in the winter, or by electricity for cooling the building with air conditioning , the lighting and the operation of electrical appliances ( TV , washing machine, water heater , etc.) .

One of the main reasons why the greek buildings are particularly intensive, is their ageing and the failure to incorporate modern technology , due to lack of relevant legislation in the last 30 years .

The higher the energy category ranks the property, the greater becomes its commercial value. The owner can claim larger amounts of lease or sale. If he uses it , then he can benefit from the advantages , such as the reduce of electricity bills and fuel.

Energy saving in buildings which are already constructed, means interventions that can reduce energy consumption by offering:

a) Maintain or increase of the quality of living in the building.
b) Maintain or increase of the productivity of employees (if it's for commercial premise).
c ) Fast depreciation of costs required for such interventions.
d ) Lifetime increase of the building.
e) All of the above are succeeded without strained construction or creating problems in the building or parts of it, after these interventions .
With a highly qualified team of engineers we can make the diagnosis of " leakage " of energy and money in your building and your premise, providing specialized guidance and solutions.

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  • Energy Certificate buildings.
  • Energy saving study.
  • Final and expert solutions to the problem of consumption.