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Your home is alive. Generations will follow one another in it. But KNX is standing still . The system will help you customize the automation of your home to your needs which will change constantly . This will increase the time value of the property and reduce long-term costs to upgrade.

There is a general opinion that the automation of buildings is act of luxury and expensive option. But the reality is different. A home automation system can be customized to your needs, from the biggest to the smallest. The cost nowadays has fallen significantly, while the conscious use of energy ensures our future and makes your home more economical . KNX is a step ahead . Shutters, awnings , room thermostats , valves, heating , lighting and window sensors can communicate with each other via the KNX. The intelligent networking decreases the energy consumption and heating , which is for you a substantial profit.

The building automation appeal to all residential users , without requiring specific knowledge to operate them . These systems are ideal for elderly people and people in general that need care and supervision.

How many times have you wondered :

" Did i turn the oven off ? " , " Did i turn the lights off? " " Did i arm the alarm system? "

All systems of the house '' cooperate '' with each other, offering to the user functionality , safety , comfort , energy saving , in maximum degree.


The main lighting is controlled from anywhere in the house and anywhere outside the house. You can create your own scenarios , no matter the variety of them. You can even change them any time in the future without any intervention on the walls .


Control of blinds and shutters depending on brightness, external conditions and your mood.

Alarm System

Alarm System interacts with all sensors ( smoke , gas leakage , fire water leakage) , even lights for panic and intimidation .

Cooling and heating

Automatic and improved control for cooling and heating systems according to the use of the room and the needs of the residents.


Visualization and operating of all home systems from a wall screen . Easy visualization and integration of audio systems and surveillance cameras .


Remote control from anywhere in the house , your favorite music in any room independently.


A healthy environment requires clean air . Ventilation is can become part of such a system .


Enjoy your holidays without worries . The security settings of KNX can make your home seem occupied. Rest without concerns .
The big advantage : the network of home automation can be extended and rebuilt anytime . For small or large projects , renovations or new buildings, KNX has always been the best customized products and ensure the most efficient solution.

Light&Ergo creates conditions, exactly as the user has dreamed.

Based on the questionnaire, which the end user fills, we are planning the project and install the equipment.

Fulfilling expectations of the client, we make the integration and commissioning of the system.

We provide total support to our client even after commissioning.