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In the field of building implements, new technologies have managed to incorporate the buildings capabilities, that fifteen years before seemed unrealistic . The development of building management systems has brought changes in the way they operate . The unprecedented energy saving , but also the ease of handling and controling , making them necessary to any new building. The most powerful and widely used in Europe, building management system , is the system KNX. It is the development and integration of the EIB, which began to grow in 1987 and formalized in 1990 . It is the only system with open architecture protocol and sits on top of building management systems . The system capabilities are practically limitless, from turning on a lamp to the control and operation of the E / M installations of large building compounds or other applications .

Today , the KNX technique is supported by over 330 companies which are marketing about 7,000 materials completely harmonized with each other , through a common communication protocol . Some of these companies are Siemens, ABB , Schneider, Jung, Vimar, GIRA, Miele, Daikin e.t.c.. The fact is that no company has a full range of materials itself and for this reason a system designer should select appropriate materials for implementation of various companies. This renders the technique KNX, independent from a manufacturer , in contrast with several systems that bind with only one owner company .

Today, KNX technique is a two-way communication technology and function management in electrical installations . One cable connects all the devices in a facility. Till today, in electrical installations, each system ( eg lighting , alarm , cooling - heating) requires its own separate wiring. The KNX technology came to simplify things by giving all systems to use a common communication mean for the exchange of information between them ./p>

In some years the conventional plants will be unable to meet adequately the needs of the user. Using the KNX technique, not only cover the needs of today, but also your tomorrow needs.

In a facility such this, we can easily detect the following advantages:

  • Security

  • Comfort

  • Functionality

  • Energy Management

  • Total Control E/M

  • Expandability

  • Adaptability

  • Independence from Manufacturer

  • Longevity of Projects





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