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 The next day in PV market ,but also in marketing and sale of electricity , "listens "to Net Metering.

Clearly , new increased targets can not be achieved with the current institutional and legislative framework. This must change moving in new directions that will ensure long-term stable and sustainable development of RES.


What is Net Metering.

The consumer pays to the electrical company the remainder between the energy he consumes and the energy that the system produces, which gave the name of net metering.

Notably , the shift from selling in FiT to net metering scheme is simple , since technically , an electrical system designed for net metering, does not differ at all from a system designed for current sale .

Why would someone install a system with Net Metering ....


Some of the advantages are listed below :


  • Essentially the system fully or partially covers the consumption of the building , whether residential or a commercial premise .
  • The selfconsumption is achieved without batteries . As we know the batteries cost half the cost of a standalone system and not functioning normally after 7-8 years of use, even when proper maintenance is done though .
  • Due to the battery non existence, cost is reduced significantly , while the supply is seamless without annoying power outages due discharge of the batteries.
  • There is no commercial intercourse with any carrier , which reduces the effect of the unreliability of the public . Your production in kWh is deducted by your consumption in kWh, respectively, and reducing fees proportionally.
  • In conjunction with a heat pump , you can actually use your heating almost free .

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