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Lighting contributes very significantly to the energy consumption of a building .

It is as necessary as energy intensive also .

You have heard about the advantages and the economy achieved by LED technology (Light Emitting Diodes).


Below are some of them:

  • Low power consumption compared to other lighting technologies . The difference in consumption may be as high as 70%.

  • Capability of integration in subsidy programs and saving up to 70 % of the replacement cost of bulbs.

  • Long life and low maintenance so. LED lamps and diodes have lifetime a 50,000 hours lifetime.

  • High efficiency because they retain 100 % of their performance until the end . The LED bulbs are extremely durable and made of durable materias, so they can withstand even the toughest conditions.

  • High level of brightness and intensity.

  • Zero emission of radiation - environmentally friendly.

  • Low heat emission.

  • They are not damaged even when there are shifts in the grid.

  • Instant Lighting. The LED lights light up as soon as we press the switch , which has very great advantages for infrastructure such as traffic lights and signs.

  • LED lamps do not contain toxic materials. They are 100 % recyclable, and help reduce carbon emissions by about one third. Can be controlled and programmed easily in conjunction with motion sensors .

  • LED is designed to focus the light and can be specifically directed to a site with the use of an external reflector , achieving greater efficiency than conventional lighting .


In Light&Ergo we provide:

  • Charge free initial listing at your place (home or business ).

  • Financial and technical study of lamp replacement.

  • Lighting Design.

  • Bulb replacement.

  • 5 year warranty for the LED bulbs
    Consulting for subsidy programs.