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Light&Ergo started its course on 2009. The company is managed by Emmanuil Marsellos, Graduated Electrical Engineer.

Fields of activity :

  • Design and Installation of Electrical Projects
  • Smart buildings - Home Automation
  • Energy Saving
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Alarm Systems - CCTV - Fire Detection
  • Maintenance of Electrical Installations

The power of Light&Ergo is the expertise and the ability to combine many different technologies. The security, the functionality , the excellent aesthetics and smart and economical energy management is the ultimate purpose.

As a certified member of the affiliate network installers KNX, which is the only open standard for home and building automation , guarantees the composition of a complete technical solution in the fields of building automation and energy management .

It is notable that all these years, the company has managed consistently, methodically and efficiently to carry out a series of successful projects in all areas of its activities.

With secure and steady steps Light&Ergo won the trust of its partners, implementing facilities to public buildings, commercial αand residential buildings and clients , in full compliance with quality standards and strict timelines.

Our highly trained staff and the quality of our projects are the warranty the people need for the high level of services it provides.